KAM 0748

Spacious rooms with comfortable double-size beds. Easy on your pockets with comfortable amenities. 

KAM 0672

Premium rooms with a valley view or Mall Road view. Double size bed and amenities for a pleasurable stay.

KAM 0725

350 sq.ft rooms with 2 Double Beds for a spacious and comfortable stay. These family comes with no view

KAM 0633

These are family rooms, where 2 Premium Rooms are inter-connected, all while ensuring complete privacy. With an astonishing view overlooking the valley in front of the hotel, these 450 sq.ft rooms are furnished with 2 double beds.

KAM 0691

450 sq.ft family rooms that with a private balcony with no view and 1 Queen bed and 1 Kids double bed for a cosy stay.