Indulge in a Delightful Culinary Journey at Baga Tales

At Amara Oceanfront Resort and Club, we offer an incredible in-house restaurant that serves a wide array of lip-smacking delicacies and drinks. Baga tales is a unique place for your celebrations with the perfect blend of warm decor with minimalist colour tones, ambrosial food: everything here is a heart charmer. Make plans as well as memories by taking your loved ones and give them experiences they will never forget. Our restaurant in Goa offers a delightful experiences by beach side from private candle light dinners to corporate beach parties.

Operational Hours:
1000 hrs - 0400 hrs

Organise large private events or small intimate dates. Baga Tales serves as a versatile venue for every occasion.

05JAN 3

Wanted to take your partner on romantic date?


Looking for a romantic set up that ooze with charm for those who love to see beauty!  


Time to make your loved ones believe in fairy tales!